Recycle U-Transformation Journey


To help women heal from their past, move into the present, and prepare for their future so they can live the life they want.


Recycle U™ is a journey to a life of freedom through Transformation, Healing, and Wholeness

Recycle U™ is designed to give you a different outlook and help you sift through the remnants of past trauma and life circumstances.  Instead of asking "Why",  It allows you to ask a different question- “HOW”  How do I move forward and start to live the life I really want to live?

When you transform your life and go through the healing process you have the ability to create a deeper self-awareness and a greater sense of authenticity.  This process allows you to see a clearer path to move in the present so you can change your current reality and start living the life you want to live.

It allows you to be more productive and set goals that you feel more capable of achieving without the roadblocks that have been keeping them stuck.


An internal shift that brings you into alignment with your highest potential. Transforming your life takes you beyond what you currently see into a realm of new possibilities that allows you to create a different and better life.

A change in thinking is necessary to live a changed life. If a different result is desired then there must be different actions to produce those results.  A renewed mind is required in order to live a transformed life.


Healing from traumatic experiences helps you shift from past to present, trauma can often keep you stuck in the past. The pain from the trauma can oftentimes leave you feeling fear, sadness, guilt, anger, and grief to name a few.

Now imagine these emotions being a recurring theme in your daily life. Leaving you with a recurring theme of inadequacy, feelings of unworthiness, depression, bouts of anxiety, feeling lost, and at times confusion about what to do in life and what direction to go in.

There are often 3 words that are on a repeated cycle to indicate when an individual is stuck and dealing with the pain of trauma - “WHY, WHAT, WHERE”.

Why did it happen?

What could have been done differently?

Where would my life be had it not happened?



Living a life of wholeness can help you develop clearly defined values and boundaries for living. You will have the opportunity to craft the life they want to live based on your newfound awareness; including setting boundaries and a renewed perspective.

Living a life of wholeness can lead to fulfillment, a deeper sense of purpose, and the ability to establish and achieve goals. You can have the ability to change the outcome of your life story to that of an overcomer living a victorious life and creating new opportunities is the goal.

Recycle U  helps you dig to the root of what's been holding you back from living the life you want and we show you how to move forward with a system and a plan on how to transform your life.

Who is Recycle U for?

There is a systematic approach to WHOLENESS. 

Recylce U

A full Day sessions (In Person)

Upon completion you will be able to:


Towanda McEachern

Meet your Instructor

Towanda McEachern is the owner of  A Life Recycled and the head  Mindset Growth Strategist in charge.  Her mission is to help women heal and transform their lives.  She states she was her first student on the Transformation Journey and since 2007 she has been leading others on the journey. 

The process of healing, transformation, and wholeness is what sets individuals free and she helps women to identify what has been holding them back.  Towanda shows them how to create a plan and a system for how to heal from past pain and trauma so they can get unstuck and move forward into the life they want.

Location:  Empowerment Studio, 140 Sussex Ave., Suite 108, Newark, NJ 07103

September 16, 2023