There is a time when you need to start the process of healing, transformation, and forgiveness. In life you will go on many Journeys that will lead you to many places; some you will question how you got there. But the real question is what do you do now that you are there?

How do you use those life lessons to serve you?

The journey will allow you the opportunity to self-reflect and give you a different perspective on life’s Journey.

Get your copy of the “21 Day Transformation Journey” Workbook.

From day 1 to day 21 it will challenge and liberate you at the same time. You will be forced to dig places that ultimately you forgot about. Places that once had a hold on you, have to now set you free!

Each lesson is pint-sized and packed with a lot of practicality.

Towanda McEachern, Author of 21 Day Transformation Journey


I have taken hundreds of women on the journey to transform their life.  I was my first student, I was lost broken, tired, and lacked purpose and direction in my life.  I knew something needed to change.  So I decided to go on a journey to transform my life.  One, I knew my children were watching me and I wanted them to be proud of me as their mother.  But even deeper than that I needed to do it for myself. 

I knew something needed to change. I was dealing with feelings of rejection, insecurity, trust, and abandonment issues. So I decided to go on a journey to transform my life and have been growing ever since.

 Now I take other women on the journey. I have been working with women for over 15+ years teaching them how to transform their lives through workshops, seminars, and retreats. I’ve developed the “21 Day Transformation Journey” as a tool to help give you insight into your personal Transformation journey.



Set aside 15-20 minutes a day to do the lesson and self-reflect

Have an open heart and mind

Answer the thought-provoking questions

By the end of the 21 -Day Transformation Journey, you will have  a RENEWED mindset, FRESH perspective,

 and a TRANSFORMED attitude to continue moving forward wherever life's journey may take you.


Do you love journaling and guided writing prompts?  Then you will love  the 21 Day Transformation Journey– Lessons for your SOUL.” Its daily devotional lessons with guided question prompts that will speak to your SOUL. 

Sometimes negative thoughts and emotions can be so strong they take over your daily life. You may even be dealing with old baggage of past hurt and pain.  You know there is more to your life and you want it. 

Are tired of procrastinating, making excuses, and sabotaging yourself? 

There are so many things tugging and pulling you in so many different directions and sometimes you just want everything to stop so can have a moment to yourself  “Lessons for your SOUL” was designed to give you a few moments of reprieve to focus on what really matters- You!  Your well-being, your health, your mental state, and the care of your SOUL.

21- Day Transformation Journey

The bottom line is it’s time for you to have a seat and rest your “Soul” how about you sit down for at least 15 minutes a day and feed your soul?  In the 21-day Transformation Journey “Lessons for your Soul”. You will get to have a moment with you.  You may be saying to yourself, how and when? You have to make the time. 

You have to prioritize YOU. I know you‘ve heard this example thousands of times but it's fitting for here- Whenever you fly,  they always tell you if the oxygen mask drop-down, put yours on first. That’s all I’m asking you to do, is to take time for yourself; put your mask on first.  I know there are people who count on you, who depend on you and you want to be there for them.  Today I am asking you to be there for YOU! 

Soul care is part of your Self-care and your self-care has to be a PRIORITY. 

Journey Alon