Hey I'm Towanda

I am a woman who looked in the mirror one day and noticed that I did not know the person I was looking at and I’m not talking about the outer person; I’m talking about when I looked in my eyes I did not recognize the person I saw.

I decided to go on a Journey of Self-Discovery and I asked myself a few questions:

Who am I?

Why am I Here?

What am I supposed to be doing with life?

One day you will awake and ask yourself the same questions.

But an even deeper question you will want to know is 


The reason why I needed to go on this journey was because I was broken and my life was scattered into pieces. I needed to begin to put my life back together. I was lost, confused and I was dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil from past hurts, pain, rejection, and insecurities. My main motivation were my daughters; how could I raise them to know who they were if I didn’t know who I was. I knew they were watching me, and I needed to send them the right message.

Through a lot of quiet time, prayer, tears, and reading. I was able to discover the woman you see today. A woman who has emerged like a phoenix rising out of ashes to realize that I was fearfully and wonderfully made; uniquely woven with gifts, talents, and abilities to share with the world. I am a woman with a beautiful soul, full of passion and oozing with creativity.

Through my journey I formed a non-profit organization, Supporting Our Sisters, Inc (SOS) where I was able to work with women through a series of workshops to help them discover who they were created to be and unlock their gifts, talents, and abilities. Through working with SOS, I was able to hone in on some skills I didn’t know I had; I discovered that I had the unique ability to teach in a practical therapeutic way that brought about healing to a soul. I have the ability to help individuals get to the core in a non-intrusive way that is eye-opening and refreshing. This journey led me to begin my business as a personal and professional development Coach, Author, and Speaker.

I help others to take charge of their lives. I teach others how to be active participants in their own life. Life is an active sport, you can not stand in the bleachers and allow your life to slip passively by.

Helping others to realize they have everything they need to live the life they were born to live is what I do. 

I help others unlock their gifts, talents, and abilities.

I also am the owner of the "Empowerment Studio"


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